Personal Loans In Seattle

This article I wrote for LendingTree discusses personal loan options in Seattle.

This personal finance article was written for LendingTree. The piece discusses loan options and offers financial education about terms and fees consumers should look for. 


Conforming Loans: What You Should Know

I wrote this personal finance piece about conforming loans for my client LendingTree.

This piece, written for LendingTree, details everything a borrower should understand about conforming loans. I also talk about key terminology and choosing a lender. 


Improve Your Credit Score in 30 Days

This thoroughly researched finance article discusses ways people can improve their credit score.

In this personal finance article for FinanceBuzz, I discuss a few ways you can increase your credit score quickly. 


9 Reverse Mortgage Questions Answered

This personal finance article was published on the LendingTree website.

In this piece for LendingTree, I discuss reverse mortgages and the major facts customers need to know before taking the next step.


Wasatch Home and Estates Blog

I write localized content for a Salt Lake City Real Estate broker.

I create localized content for a top-selling Salt Lake City real estate agent. The content uses SEO and local keywords to attract the target audience. 


32 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Lender

This real estate article discusses questions buyers should ask their lender before getting a loan.

I wrote a comprehensive article covering questions would-be home buyers should ask their broker before taking the plunge into real estate.